The “Frontiers in Nuclear Medicine” Journal presents a special issue in “Nuclear Medicine Advances Through Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics.” “AINM 2023,” together with “Frontiers in Nuclear Medicine,” will guarantee two complete and two partial discounts on high-quality abstracts presented at the conference.

This Research Topic aims to provide a themed collection of current research in AI and Informatics in Nuclear Medicine, representing the recent advancements, solutions to challenges, and the future of the field. University Medical Center Groningen is organizing the first AI & Informatics in Nuclear Medicine Symposium, and we wish to welcome contributors that will attend this conference to submit their work on the proposed theme.

The submissions discussing AI and informatics in nuclear medicine are welcome. These include:

• Physics-related topics such as image reconstruction, hardware development, simulation, and dose reduction

• Computer science-related topics, including image analysis, image segmentation, registration, motion compensation, and big data

• Radiochemistry-related topics, such as the design of new radiotracers with AI

• Clinical applications such as in neuroimaging, psychiatry, neurology, oncology, cardiovascular imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, imaging inflammation and infection, and pediatric imaging

• Applications of AI in radionuclide therapy, radiation therapy guidance/assessment by PET and SPECT

More general articles discussing awareness, ethical complexities, and broader applications for AI in Nuclear Medicine are also appreciated.