Plan your stay in Groningen

About Groningen 

The Independent said: “Groningen is an undiscovered gem”. And that is absolutely true! Groningen will surprise you with it’s relaxed atmosphere and lively city center. The city dates back many centuries and has a rich history. Now it is home to a young population and many shops, restaurants, museums and bars. Groningen is a city worth exploring, and you might just fall a little bit in love with it. 

Where to stay? 

There are a few different hotel options available. We recommend the NH Hotel, which is located conveniently across the street from the University Medical Center. The hotel is also close to the city center where you can find lots of restaurants, bars, sights and shops. If you want to discover Groningen like the locals, hire a bike (but please mind the traffic). 

Attractions & Restaurants

You can find a variety of dining options, within walking distance from each other in the city center- see recommendations here. There are several attractions such as The Groningen Museum, The Forum, The Martini Church, and canal boat rides


The AINM symposium is not connected to external Traveller Teams. If you get emails from them, they might be scams.

Please remember that official AINM symposium emails only come from addresses ending in or

If you need help with accommodation, feel free to contact us for advice.

Transport within Groningen

Biking is the easiest way around the city. If you have an OV card with a flexibile subscription you can rent an  OVfiets from the station.

You can use the NS app to plan your bus route. You can pay for the bus with OV card, credit, debit, and GPay. 

Taxis are available but you should call in advance. Renting cars is also possible, here is a list of agencies available.

The Symposium Location: University Medical Center Groningen

Where in the UMCG?

The symposium lectures will be located in the Rode Zaal, which is located on the second floor of of the UMCG; it is accessible by lift or by stairs from the Winkelstraat. Other sessions will also be located in the onderwijs centrum. 

There will be industry exhibitors, posters, and catering on the ground floor, around the fountain. 

Volunteers will guide you throughout the program to the various locations. 

Where is the UMCG located in Groningen?

UMCG, Hanzeplein 1, 9713 GZ Groningen, The Netherlands

The UMCG is located in the center of Groningen. It can easily be reached by bike, car and public transport. For more information about how to reach the UMCG please visit the website of the UMCG.

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