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The department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (NMMI) at the UMCG

The Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging / NMMI (Afdeling Nucleaire Geneeskunde en Moleculaire Beeldvorming / NGMB) in the University Medical Center Groningen specializes in performing diagnostics, treatment, and research using radioactive pharmaceuticals to observe abnormalities and metabolic processes in the body. 

We are one of the oldest nuclear medicine institutes in the Netherlands and in the world. In the mid-fifties of the 20th century, Prof. Martien G. Woldring was asked to evaluate the possibilities of radioactive substances in medicine. Our department has 4 main cores; patient care, education, training, and research. Our department was formed as a novel discipline group in the UMCG, and Prof. Dr. Rudi Dierckx is now the head.

Our research focuses on the development and validation of new molecular imaging applications in the fields of oncology, cardiology, neuroscience, and infection. All these are represented in the scientific staff of the department that includes 8 full professors in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. Approximately 65 PhD students from all over the world are currently performing their research and are collaborating with clinicians, researchers, and industry worldwide. Hundreds of PhD theses from NMMI have already been completed.

The department is equipped with advanced infrastructure, including a large field of view PET, an IBA 18MeV twin proton cyclotron with 8 target positions, 17 hot cells and a recently updated preclinical small animal imaging facility. In case you are interested you are welcome to the tour of the facilities during the symposium.