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Embracing Nuclear Medicine & Informatics in AI

Artificial intelligence and informatics are rapidly gaining clinical relevance in healthcare and particularly in imaging. In the field of radiology, facilitated by larger numbers of examinations and professionals involved, its significance is already reflected by many scientific sessions, teaching and accreditation at conferences and an ever-increasing number of papers. In Nuclear Medicine, still much may be gained in terms of awareness, critical mass, and applications for artificial intelligence, while also the role of informatics translating in dedicated software packages, EPD or PACS for example also warrants attention regarding challenges and opportunities.

The first International Symposium of its Kind

The Artificial Intelligence and Informatics in Nuclear Medicine (AINM) 2023 is the first international networking symposium of its kind that gathers top experts in the field, leading industries, clinicians, scientists, and students to discuss the current advancements, solutions of challenges, and the future of AI and Informatics in Nuclear Medicine. The symposium intends to be a forum for expertise and knowledge exchange in the AI and Nuclear Medicine domains. It will showcase presentations of breakthrough discoveries and innovations in AI and Nuclear Medicine. In addition, it will be a networking platform among stakeholders for brainstorming great ideas, collaborating in wider and stronger capacities, and realizing those new ideas.

Symposium Highlights

The Artificial Intelligence and Informatics in Nuclear Medicine (AINM) 2023 symposium proudly presents two special lectures, Anne Paans and Willem Vaalburg lectures, to commemorate and honor these two founders of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in The Netherlands. Their work led to financing by the Dutch government of a fully equipped PET-Center on the hospital grounds in 1988, that became the embryo of what has grown into the current Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. In 1990s, the PET-Center was established and headed by Prof. Vaalburg. Their groundwork fueled the department to set up new PET scanners. In 2021, a new whole body PET/CT was purchased (see photo above). On the photo from left to right: Andor Glaudemans, Ronald Borra, Ate van der Zee (UMCG-CEO), Bernd Ohnesorge (President EMEA, Siemens Healthineers) and Paul van Snick (Physician Assistant UMCG)

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